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23 March 2011 @ 08:41 am
Hey there Awards Winners:

The LotSeekerFic Mods are currently in the process of adding all the winning fics to the Awards C2 Community on Fanfiction.net.

Some of you don't use the same username, so it's hard for us to find you. If you have the story you received an award for hosted on Fanfiction.net and your user name is different, or you just want to hasten us along as we go through the lists and hunt up the stories, drop us a link here.

Please tell us your user name and the award you won here on LJ so that we can check it off our list! Thank you!

It'll take us some time to get every story hosted there added to the community, so don't worry if you aren't added right away. We're getting there, we promise, and if you're worried we missed you, drop us a link here!