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legend of the seeker fanfiction

Legend of the Seeker Fanfiction
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Fanfiction for the television show "Legend of the Seeker"

Welcome to lotseekerfic, a community dedicated to the television series Legend of the Seeker. This community's purpose is to provide a place for writers and readers to share in stories for television series. We are also home of the LOTSEEKERFIC AWARDS.

o1. please be respectful of fellow members.
o2. all fanfiction must be placed behind an ljcut. you can get info here, [link].
o3. all ratings are welcome; g through nc-17.
o4. all pairings and genres are allowed (gen, het, slash, au, rpf). addendum: From January 2011 forward, fiction that is heavily based on the book series is no longer permitted. Influence from the books is allowed, but the fiction must be primarily based on the show. [guidelines here] This is to comply with the wishes of the author, Terry Goodkind.
o5. all posts must be Legend of the Seeker related, no advertising non-fanfiction communities, groups, etc (unless you have mods permission). However, fanfiction awards/contests/challenges are welcome to be advertised as long as it's related to the series.
o6. all fanfiction must be properly labeled with at least title, author, rating, warnings, spoilers, and summary. Below is a typical header for fanfiction with an included lj-cut example, feel free to use it.
07. all posts must be tagged with all appropriate tags, including characters, pairing (if any), rating, genre, and user. If your fic doesn't fit into any particular genre, use the "genre: gen" tag.
08. all posts containing potentially triggering material must follow our WARNING POLICY detailed HERE.
09. fanart/graphics and fanfiction trailer videos are permitted so long as they are posted along with a link to the fic or the actual fic they were made to accompany.


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